Vodafone’s call for Gigabit Society applies equally to Australia

The Vodafone Group recently commissioned a paper on the benefit and need to develop a Gigabit Society based on Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and 5G networks.

The paper, prepared by consultancy firm Arthur D. Little, provides a strong justification of why deep fibre networks are required for the fixed and mobile broadband services of the future.

However the foreword by Markus Reinisch, Group Public Policy Director of the Vodafone Group, provides a very compelling call to action for European policy makers.

This call to action applies equally to Australia’s politicians and broadband policy makers. While NBN Co is focussed on rolling out its Multi Technology Model until 2020, Australia needs to think deeply about the next phase of investment in deeper fibre networks to support fixed and mobile networks to support the Gigabit Society.

The foreword, with highlights of particular points relevant to Australia, is reproduced in full below.