ACCC’s market review does not address core NBN issues

The ACCC released its draft report on its market review of Australia’s telecommunications sector on 30th October 2017.

The ACCC’s report is an important opportunity to bring to the surface the key fundamental issues at the heart of Australia’s failing experiment with a government funded monopoly telco for fixed broadband services.

After eight years it is clear this experiment needs to be stopped. Otherwise Australians will not only suffer from slower broadband at higher prices than the rest of the world but it will also jeopardise Australia’s success in mobile broadband as Australia’s telcos seek to use mobile broadband technologies (eg. 5G) to address the shortcomings of the NBN.

However, the ACCC does not address these fundamental issues in its draft report.

My submission to the ACCC on its draft report seeks to put these issues on the table so that they can be considered and hopefully addressed in the final report.

My submission (all 16 pages) can be found here.


itNews also picked my comments and featured them in an article on 9 Jan 2018 under the headline “Govt sell-off plans could cost chance to fix the NBN, ex-CTO warns”.

You can read the article here.