Activation and Rollout Progress as of 1 December 2022

Note : NBN Co has stopped making 3-year “forward-looking estimates” for activations and ready to connect premises from its FY22 Corporate Plan onwards due to its activity in local and global debt markets.

NBN Co Funding (Equity and Debt)  as of December 2022

Peaking funding according to the 2021 Corporate Plan will rise to $59.4 billion by 2025 with an additional $6.0 billion of debt funding announced in 2021 under the Coalition and $2.4 billion announced by Labor in 2022. This is an additional $8.4 over the $51 billion of funding reported in the FY19 Corporate Plan as the forecast peak funding requirement.

The additional funding reported under the Coalition is as follows :

Network investment to enable higher speeds for consumers

  • $2.9 billion – investment in taking fibre deeper into the FTTN footprint to enable higher speeds when requested by customers.
  • $0.4 billion – investment in capacity on the HFC network to enable higher speeds
  • $0.1 billion – investment in FTTC network to enable higher speeds
  • $0.05 billion – investment in line speed uplift program to improve in-home speeds on the FTTN network

Network investment to expand business-grade fibre services

  • $0.7 billion – support the digitisation of businesses and essential health services across regional and metropolitan areas

Co-investment fund to improve rural and regional broadband services

  • $0.3 billion – co-investment with government and local councils where investments would otherwise be non-commercial

Various Enhancements totalling $1.5 billion

  • IT Simplification with move towards Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • Covid-19 Support for extra capacity and financial support packages for low-income households with home schooling needs
  • Targeted investments in fixed wireless, satellite networks and expansion of the fixed line networks to meet heightened demand
  • Connection of 300,000 new premises that were not identified in previous Corporate Plans

The additional funding reported under Labor is as follows :

Labor policy to upgrade 1.5 million premises from FTTN to FTTP

NBN Co confirmed that Labor’s election policy to upgrade 1.5 million premises from FTTN to FTTP will be funded by an extra $2.4 billion as equity.

Additional Notes

Note 1 : For the election year of 2013/14 the funding has been split 50:50 between Labor and the Coalition.

Note 2 : In addition to equity and debt funding NBN Co received $496 million of government grants (see page 179 of NBN Co’s FY22 annual report).